June 29, 2007 IPHONE

June 29, 2007
The Iphone is launched in the US market to 18 in all the Apple Store.

The first model, released in 2007, was a GSM quad-band EDGE and subsequent versions have adopted the UMTS and HSDPA technology.
iPhone includes a digital camera plus a front from the fourth model, a device Assisted GPS and a media player.
The devices, in addition to regular phone services such as SMS and MMS calls, allow you to use services such as email, web browsing, Visual Voicemail and can connect via Wi Fi. All services are controlled by the user via a multi-touch screen, a virtual keyboard, a button to return to the main menu, two small buttons for volume control, one to go from the ring to the state of vibration and one for the stand – by / sleep. The interaction with the user is assisted by an accelerometer and a giroscopiodigitale, which work as motion sensors, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor.
Apple has filed more than 300 patents related to such devices.

The iPhone 4S, 5 and 5S Best-selling smartphone of all time have been declared.
The UMTS / HSDPA model is available in Italy with operators TIM and Vodafone from 11 July 2008 and with H3G from 17 July 2009. The phone also, if purchased in Italy, is unlocked or open to the mandatory and thus can be used with any Sim card. It is also sold through the Apple Store online.
The United States is sold in exclusive association with a two-year subscription to the Wi-Fi services, and AT & T and Verizon, US telephone operators, while in Europe it has been marketed since November 9, 2007 in England with the operator O2 in Germany with T- Mobile and Orange in France.
The features related to the phone are the classic ones of a smartphone, and also include the ability to make a conference call by joining multiple calls, already function in the most common mobile phones. SMS messages are handled with a system very similar to the graphical interface used by iChat, which allows you to view the history of SMS messages exchanged by organizing discussions, similar to what happens in the forums on the internet.
The phone can use custom ringtones purchased through iTunes store in the integrated program, or can play ringtones from any audio files converted to AAC format which has been modified in the extension .m4r.


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