In 2011 the ONU established the International Day of Friendship.

July 30 is celebrated one of the most important links in people’s lives, the Friendship.

Friendship is the emotional bond that develops between two individuals of the same sex or the opposite sex, which is considered one of the fundamental experiences in the growth of a man.

But the friendships to last longer are those that arise from the classroom: it is from this age that friends are often the most important component of the emotional life of a person

Growing up and knowing other people of different ages our friendships may change along with the formation of identity of the individual.

In almost all cultures, the friendship is understood and perceived as an equal relationship based on respect, honesty, trust, respect and mutual availability.

Dogs are also admired for their emotional sensitivity. People who live with them the often attribute emotions … Here we are !!! our bond, our friendship.

We just made one week beach holiday in Rimini, and we brought along Maia, unfortunately she could not swim because … “Dogs on the beach; the regional seaside Ordinance 1/2016 prohibits conducting and let continuing any type of animal on the beach during the bathing season (generally from Easter into force on the first weekend of October each year), although with a muzzle and leash, including those used by photographers or cameramen. Son excluded from ban rescue dogs on a leash are committed for the rescue service and guide dogs for the blind. the dealer may, however, in the context of releases and with the authorization of the competent municipality for the territory and the competent authorities in terms hygienic – health, to identify properly equipped areas for the accommodation of pets, but without prejudicing the safety of users and the seaside tranquility. in the remaining period of the year you can access with dogs on the beach. The municipalities, in areas of public beach, can be identified with a special order, and after informing the competent decentralized regional offices for the territory, specially demarcated areas, marked and equipped with a time contextual indication of use where access is allowed with animals . The owner of the dog, after having shown the animal’s health and vaccination certificate, you can access the beach taking care to keep it on a leash or with a muzzle and to arrange for immediate cleaning with shovel and bag “

Maia did some long walks with us and was on the beach, he understood that he had to be under the umbrella and we were trying to make her feel at ease, but we understand that in the apartment where we were staying was not very well, because it was small, because it was not his home, slept and eaten little … after we moved to Rimini and San Marino Maia she was super happy to do up and down the streets of a country, and to breathe the fresh air and clean … on the way back we stopped at an outdoor museum and she as always behaved very well.

A friend is forever, and you have to care for him at all times.

Life has given us the “angels” who listen to us, and you can plan a vacation, and with whom you can rely for life.



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